Changing our Environment | 2014 Action Goals for Mower Refreshed

As a movement we will continue to grow out of strength-based, solution-focused wellness approaches, rather than disease/problem focused. This unique and at times challenging focus is forging a culture shift that we have the opportunity to expand as we foster partnerships and collaborations with county- wide groups to improve the health of Mower County. This approach, though slow, will more likely lead to long term changes for individuals and communities.

We don’t need to do the work, we get to! As coordinator, I’m grateful to every person who has in the past and now in the present, commits time, resources and shared wisdom to this adventure in changing the cultural view of health where we live, work, play and learn!


Mower Refreshed Population Health Measures

Prevent & Reduce Obesity
Promote Optimum Mental Health
Increase Healthy Options
Years of Potential Life Lost

2013 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

Surveys completed in collaboration with Mower County Public Health to assess what community members of all ages and ethnic backgrounds state as top health needs. To view the complete 2013 Mower Refreshed CHNA visit

Obesity: develop sustainable strategies that encourage the population of Mower County to make healthier choices that decrease obesity and incidence of chronic disease.

Mental Health: encourage and equip community members in building resilience to stress and anxiety.

Access to Healthcare: develop and distribute educational tools to improve the access to healthcare and increase understanding of appropriate access points of care.


These goals are based on the Team Retreat held in December, current efforts (projects), measures listed previously, and our collaboration with MN Departments: Human Service, Education and Health on reliance research and 2013 CHNA. They will likely evolve some as we move forward in 2014.

Specific action steps will be set by team leaders and the members as we progress.

Healthier Choices

1. Secure community co-leader for team.
2. Refreshed Dining
3. Family Dinner: develop strategies to promote the health benefits of family dinners and increase engagement.
4. Refreshed Kids
5. Harvest 5k: plan and implement a 5k focused on gratitude.
6. Take H.O.L.D life style coaching (hyper-tension, obesity, lipids, and diabetes): support growth.
7. Collaborate in developing YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program in Austin
8. Interview people re: success stories.

Mental Fitness

1. Develop two resilience building videos (school and workplace focused). Responding with solutions to adverse childhood experiences research.
2. Collaborate with Austin Area Drug Task Force with addressing chemical use in county high schools/resilience based. Empower parents, schools, students to address chemical use.
3. GT5 (GIVE TAKE 5) high school groups supported in development and implementation of hosting social media conversations to equip younger students and their parents county-wide.
4. Host art contest for GT5 brand identifier: targeting high school age contestants.
5. Work with high school students developing You Tube videos on mental fitness topics.
6. Plan and host Annual TAKE 5 Event (June).
7. TAKE 5 presentations on adverse childhood experiences and mental fitness/resilience to offer community groups.
8. Interview people re success stories.

Workforce Wellness

1. Complete accessing healthcare tools (bookmark, magnet, brochure). Web tool planning begins.
2. Plan and host Lunch & Learns.
3. Collaborate with Mental Fitness team on video development resilience and the workplace.
4. Volunteer Outreach: collaborating with are organizations in creating tools to recruit volunteers from the workforce (employees, family members, retirees).
5. 2013 Refreshed Business of the Year process (starts in Nov)
6. Develop further the Best Practices for Wellness in the Workplace
7. Personal outreach to businesses: interview employers on health needs/challenges. Interview re: success stories as well.

Latino Saludables

1. Build relationships with community partners through hosting conversations on wellness.
2. Fine tune the action steps from the “Challenge/Outcome/Solution” process group has taken focused on heart disease, obesity and diabetes.
3. Integrate team members to Mower Refreshed efforts (projects) based on passion/interest.

Communications & Marketing Team

1. County Conversations in Lyle, Brownsdale, Adams, LeRoy and Grand Meadow. Engaging and investing in greater county citizens.
2. Complete Mower Refreshed Communication Plan.
3. Promote Wellness Wednesday concept.
4. Grow and develop Mower Refreshed communication venues

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