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Refreshed eNews September-October 2017
Refreshed Living: Why Markets Matter
County Connections: Creating Better Health Together
Eat Refreshed: Translating the Science of Nutrition
Community Partner: Austin Aspires


Refreshed eNews August 2017
Refreshed Living: Creating Positive Community Norms
County Connections: Grand Meadow Banding Together for Better Health
Refreshed Spotlight: Summer Intern
Community Partner: Austin Aspires
Eat Refreshed: Summer Lunches
Refreshed Reads: The Book of Joy


Refreshed eNews May-June 2017
Refreshed Living: Re-Regenerate; Refurbish; Retype; Retrace; Redo
County Connections: SHIP Mower County
Eat Refreshed: Summer Lunches
Eat Local. Eat Fresh.: Local Produce Sources
U of M Extension: Cooking Matters Class
Refreshed Reads: Year of No Sugar: A Memoir
Refreshed Reads: How to Build a Thriving Culture at Work


Refreshed eNews Mar-Apr 2017
Refreshed Living: Collective Impact
County Connections: SHIP Mower County
Eat Refreshed: Get Growin’
Save the Date: Inspiring a Thriving Culture in the Workplace Luncheon
Refreshed Business of the Year: Workforce Development, Inc.


Refreshed eNews Jan-Feb 2017
Refreshed Living: The Strategy of Yes
County Connections: The direction is set!
Eat Refreshed: Foods to say ‘Yes’ to!
Save the Date: A Glimpse at Teens: Building a Stronger Future Workforce
Volunteer Spotlight: Debara Smith



Refreshed eNews Nov-Dec Issue 2016
Refreshed Living: Each day holds opportunity
County Connections: Take the Sting Out of the Science Fair
Eat Refreshed: Make cooking fun!
5th Annual – Refreshed Business of the Year



Refreshed eNews June Issue 2016
Refreshed Living: What determines your health?
County Connections: Have you ever wondered…
Eat Refreshed: Wellness on the road
Intern Spotlight: Kari Li
Upcoming Refreshment: Save the date! Saturday July 23rd


Enews April May 2016

Refreshed eNews Apr-May Issue 2016
Refreshed Living: Weaving Together Communities That Reflect Wellbeing
County Connections: Mower Refreshed Mentoring
Eat Refreshed: Don’t Let Food Spoilage Spoil Your Picnic!
Volunteer Spotlight: Kari Li
Upcoming Refreshment: Farm to Table Freshness



Refreshed e-News Jan-Feb 2016 Issue
Refreshed Living: There’s Always room at the Community Table!
County Connections: Meet Danny
Eat Refreshed: Be Good To Your Microbiome
Refreshed Business of the Year Nomination Form



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