Farm to table freshness: Local food vendors

Each year we get excited to feature local food vendors in and around Mower County! It’s a sign that spring is arriving and fresh food options will abound in the coming months! We took time once again to connect with area markets, formal community supported agriculture farms (CSAs), and smaller local farmers making healthy, nutrient-rich choices easier for us all.

The extensive commitment it takes to grow fresh produce is motivated out of a love for the land, desire to improve the health of the people they serve, and offering an opportunity for consumers to know where and how the food they are eating is grown. The list of available produce varies from vendor to vendor so check them all out! The common threads you’ll discover are fresh, healthy and delicious veggies, fruits, poultry and meat! Visit their websites and Facebook pages to learn more about who, where and how to connect your table to these amazing farms!

Austin Farmers’ Market | | Visit on Facebook
May thru October
501 Oakland Avenue East, Austin
2016 Opening Day May 2nd

Dobbins Creek Farm | | | 507-567-2009

Earth Dance Farm (CSA) | | Visit on Facebook | 507-378-4252

Farmer John’s Pumpkin Patch | | 507-437-2642

Farmer’s Market Place, LLC | Visit on Facebook | 507-438-3956
May thru October
Greenspace at Hy-Vee
2016 Opening Day May 19th

Garden Spot Market
May thru October
Greenspace next to bank, Brownsdale
2016 Opening Day May 6th

Hilltop Greenhouse and Farm (CSA) | | 507-889-3271

Le Roy Farmers’ Market | | Visit on Facebook
May thru October
Downtown Le Roy
2016 Opening Day May 19th

Oak Knoll Farm (CSA) | | Visit on Facebook | 507-402-7637

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