Take 5

Here are simple ways to practice TAKE 5 in all area of your life.  Citizens have created quick lists of ideas that you can build upon  as you TAKE  5 where you live, work, play, learn and worship!

Take 5 where you’re at!


Take5 at workTake5 at homeimage Take5 at faithTake5 at schoolTake5 at indivdualsTake5 at community

Bring Take 5 to your school!

Want to bring a TAKE Workshop to your school, faith community, workplace or community group? Connect with us here for more information!


TAKE 5 Annual Events

The Annual TAKE 5 Events are a time when citizens from around the county, representing a large variety of organizations, gather to be renewed, recharged and equipped to build resilience to stress and anxiety in their communities and personal lives.

This unique event offers opportunity for participants to collaborate and develop practical tools and ideas that can create stronger and healthier communities, schools and families in Mower County. Thank you to United Way of Mower County for supporting the development of Take 5 efforts.

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Take 5 Art

The 4th and 5th grade students in the Austin community were taught the concept of Take 5 and asked to create an image of their personal idea of taking five. The result was 800+ drawings by children depicting TAKE 5 in

their unique way A panel of judges chose five works to represent how youth of this community think about self-care and creating resilience in their lives to be displayed in the new addition at Mayo Clinic Health System Albert Lea & Austin, Austin campus.

Consider bringing the TAKE 5 Art Project to your school, daycare or faith community!

Here’s a few samples of the art to help you Take 5 and be refreshed! Click here to view their Take 5 Art!