Mower Refreshed & Health Measures

2016 Community Health Needs Assessment


Here’s the 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment completed by Mayo Clinic Health System, Austin campus, Mower County Public Health and citizens of all ages. Though this is required by the federal government for hospitals to maintain their non-profit status, we have made the commitment to not just “fill in the blanks” but to take action steps with what we learn from you. This drives our efforts! Citizens know the needs, we are listening and responding!
Click here for complete 2016 report.

Click here to review the 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment



Mower Refreshed volunteers have taken a great deal of time to consider WHAT to measure, WHY to measure and HOW to measure health improvement in Mower County through Mower Refreshed.


WHAT we are measuring:

Healthy Measures imageThe four population health measures Mower Refreshed and its partners are looking to improve over several years are as follows.

    1.  Years of Potential Life Lost (YPLL)
    2. Prevent & Reduce Obesity
    3. Promote Optimum Mental Health
    4. Increase Healthy Options

We understand it took our communities years to develop the health challenges we now face and that it will take years of consistent collaboration to build a healthier county.


WHY are we Measuring Those Four?

The population health measures above are based on two cornerstones that provide research and resources, creating a consistent foundation to assure sustainability and stability for measuring.

1.  Institute for Healthcare Improvement Triple Aim.

The first of three statements from the Triple Aim:

Improve the health of the defined population (defined as Mower County).

2.  Minnesota Department of Health.

The overall vision of Minnesota Department of Health:   Keeping all Minnesota healthy.


The research done specifically in Mower County revealed four initial challenges we are transforming into solutions and the overall focus of making healthy choices easier for all citizens in Mower County.  They combined well with the two cornerstones to make our efforts sensible to Mower County.

    • Healthier Choices
    • Mental Fitness
    • Workforce Wellness
    • Community Connections


Community Engagement Key Questions

As programs, ideas, policies, processes, and etc. are brought to the table, we consider our resources and opportunities. These key principle questions can assist the teams in determining both resources and opportunities are used wisely.

• Can it be linked to the current community health needs determined by the Community Health Needs Assessment | Mayo Clinic Health System Albert Lea-Austin?

• Does it engage, equip, and/or empower?

• Does it positively impact reducing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)?

• Is it solution-focused?

• Is it sustainable with limited resources?

• Can it be duplicated/shared easily?

• Can we engage other community partners to develop and implement?

• Are there successful programs already addressing that we can partner with?

• How will we measure for impact?

• What is going well and how can we grow more of what is showing promise?

• How does it address/impact/support varying personalities?

• Do we have the appropriate voices at the table and are they honored?

• Does it grow both capabilities AND capacity?


Measuring and tracking the health of Mower County and our citizens is a challenging endeavor.  Strong collaborations with Mower County Public Health, Mayo Clinic Health System Austin & Albert Lea, Minnesota Department of Health and our many  partners who are providing healthy living opportunities and options for citizen in Mower County is the key to positively impacting our county’s health for generations to come.