Refreshed Kids

Refreshed Kids is a wellness platform for creating and experimenting to discoverRefreshed Kids how to engage kids in well-living through active learning. Empowering area community schools, daycares and organizations to equip kids in understanding their role in managing their own health through innovative and fun venues is the whole idea…intrigued? Come play with us!


Refreshed Kids | 4 Weeks to Wellness

Looking for a way to actively engage youth in going beyond learning about healthy living to actively living and teaching it? Refreshed Kids is an innovative way to equip kids with knowledge and then brainstorm with them to develop ideas to share that knowledge. This 4 week program geared towards elementary age, is a unique collaboration with several of Mower Refreshed partners. Physical activity, nutrition and building resilience to stress are topics the kids practice and then have opportunity to teach back what they’ve discovered about the topics and themselves. The response is powerful. Observing youth understanding that they are the key people in determining their health now and as adults creates hope as we seek to improve the health of the next generation! Interested in bringing Refreshed Kids to your school, student organization or faith community? Connect with us for more information!

Connect with us for more information!


Refreshed Kids |School Assemblies Pilot: IJ Holton Intermediate School

  • Launched September 23rd, pictures and updates on pilot coming soon!

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