Wellness Wednesday

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Wellness WednesdayWellness Wednesday’s are a midpoint to your week that provides an opportunity to explore ways to live well in Mower County! Consider what small steps you might take to make Wednesdays healthier where you live, work, play and learn!

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Wellness Wednesday Tip SheetExplore these simple guides to help you practice Wellness Wednesdays!



These local businesses are making healthy choices easier and more fun every Wednesday!

Circle3B Eatery & Catering Company: A Refreshed Dining Location!
401 1st Street | Lyle, MN 55953 | 507.325.9966

CircleCoffeehouse on Main: A Refreshed Dining Location!
329 N Main St | Austin, MN 55912 | 507.433.1200

CircleFour Daughters Vineyard: A Refreshed Dining Location!
78757 State Highway 16 | Spring Valley, Minnesota | 507.346.7300

CirclePerkins Restaurant & Bakery: A Refreshed Dining Location!
701 17th Ave NW | Austin, MN 55912 | 507.433.6720

CircleSteve’s Pizza: A Refreshed Dining Location!
421 N Main Street | Austin, MN 55912 | 507.437.3249

CircleThe Cedars Market: An Open Air Market & Farm to Market on Wednesdays throughout the summer!
700 1st Drive NW | Austin, MN 55912


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