Mental Fitness

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• To encourage and equip citizens in building resilience to stress and anxiety.

• Increase the practice of intentional choices to reduce stress and anxiety in Mower County.
• Build Networks throughout the county to equip citizens in coping with stress and anxiety.




CircleSpeak Life Video: A powerful video that shows how we are growing resilient communities.


CircleCHAT: Cooperative Health Action TRIAD: Collaborative effort with Austin Public Schools and Austin Aspires that inspires staff and promotes positive messaging and healthy practices.


CircleMental Health Access Booklet for Mower County: Using the Workforce Wellness teams Healthcare Booklet as a template, we are developing a booklet focused on mental health access.


CircleACEs Awareness and Resiliency: ACEs stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences in Minnesota, an Executive Summary created by findings and recommendations base on the 2011 Minnesota Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.



CircleTake 5: Sharing ways in which you can Take 5 minutes out of your day for simple health and wellness activities!


CircleDisconnect to Connect: Promoting opportunities that help you ditch technology and spend quality time with family, friends and co-workers.


CirclePauseB4UPost: Creating awareness of pausing before you post or share potentially dangerous or harmful posts on social media.


CircleMake it OK: Discussing the implementation of the Make It OK campaign on the website




CircleTake 5: The Annual TAKE 5 Events are a time when citizens from around the county, representing a large variety of organizations, gather to be renewed, recharged and equipped to build resilience to stress and anxiety in their communities and personal lives.


CircleSecond Hand Trauma Training & Awareness Event: Workshop coming December 14, 2016. Thriving in the Trenches: The Impact of Trauma Exposure on Professionals by Austin Public Schools, Gerard Academy, Mayo Clinic Health System, Mower Refreshed, Mower County Health and Human Services, Mower County Corrections, and Medica



Yoga Pilot
Mental Health Walk
Riverland Pilot Ind. Field Study Psych 1271 Psychology of Community Engagement


Take 5