Breathe Refreshed

Breathe Refreshed!!!What is Breathe Refreshed?

A challenge for you to create a new life habit and exercise your lungs with refreshed air! Consider what small steps you might take to make quitting tobacco a reality!

Why switch to Breathing Refreshed?

The health benefits for you, your family and your community are plentiful!

Here’s what the CDC has to say:

•Quitting smoking at any age has benefits.
•The sooner you quit, the sooner your body can begin to heal.
•Tobacco smoke harms nonsmokers, too.
•Quitting smoking is the single best way to protect your family from secondhand smoke.


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Connect locally and begin your Refreshed Journey!
Mayo Clinic Health Systems Tobacco Treatment

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More resources to help you switch to Refreshed Breathing.

CDC Quit Tips


Smoke Free: Build Your Plan

Smoke Free: Explore Medications

American Lung Association: Stop Smoking

Leave the Pack Behind (resources for college campuses & students)

American Cancer Society (ACS) | 1-800-227-2345 |

American Heart Association (AHA) | 1-800-242-8721 |

American Lung Association (ALA) | 1-800-586-4872 |

National Cancer Institute (NCI) |

Nicotine Anonymous |

QuitNet |

MN Hispanic Tobacco Cessation Program | United Migrant Opportunity Services The UMOS Statewide Program will provide bilingual (Spanish/English) culturally sensitive tobacco use education and cessation services to Hispanics/Latinos Living and working in Greater MN. 1-866-515-0177 FREE 1-866-762-5498 FREE