Adverse Childhood Experiences Workshop: June 13 | 2013

On May 9th area leaders gathered to begin discussions about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).  The group of thirty six had the opportunity to hear Nancy Riestenberg of the MN Department of Education and Autumn Baum of MN Department of Health share research on adverse experiences of children ages birth to eighteen and how those experiences directly impact health outcomes of children in their adult years.

The information shared is significant because many know that it makes sense that difficult childhood  experiences could eventually lead to health  complications as adults but we have lacked specific research proving it.  The ACEs research affirms not only that there is correlations between adverse childhood experiences and overall health of citizens it challenges us to consider how we might respond in practical ways that can build resistance in children, offer resources to overcome difficult pasts and most importantly prevent adverse experiences from  occurring in the first place.

Overwhelming to say the least, but hopeful.  As Nancy shared with the group, it’s about “everyday magic”, consistently finding ways to be kind, respectful and acknowledging people in simple ways that begin to turn the tide.

Mower Refreshed is hosting the 2nd Annual TAKE 5 event which will feature Dr. Glenace Edwell from the Department of Human Services as keynote.  She will provide information on ACEs and health outcomes.  Those attending will explore how ACEs impact schools, the workforce, athletic teams, faith  communities, social services, healthcare etc. and then begin developing next steps to address ACEs in Mower County through collaborative and sensible strategies

For more information on ACES:ACE mtg2

To attend the 2nd Annual TAKE 5 event you must RSVP to Liz Hagan:

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