Refreshed Outlook on Donating to Food Shelves!


  Be inspired to think twice about what you donate to your local food shelf…

make healthy choices easier for every community member, especially those most vulnerable, creates a healthier Mower County!

Whole Grain Pasta
Canned Tuna packed in Water
Canned or pouches of chicken, turkey
Nuts (raw, unsalted almonds, walnuts, etc)
Dried fruit (cranberries, blueberries, raisins)
Dried vegetables (ginger, tomatoes)
Soy or almond milk (on shelf/boxed)
Tofu (on shelf/boxed)
Canned vegetable soups: low sodium
Canned vegetables – all kinds (including tomatoes, tomato sauce)
Olive oil
Canned beans – all kinds
Whole Grain Cereal
Peanut Butter
Granola Bars
Goldfish Crackers
Peaches, Pears, Mandarin Oranges, Tropical Fruit in 100 percent juice, not heavy syrup
Tortillas (whole wheat, sun-dried tomatoes)
Tortilla Chips (low sodium, blue chips)
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