Mower Refreshed Communication Guidelines

Mower Refreshed Communication Guidelines

Media/Communication is defined as venues such as but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Website, Blog, Texting, Emails, Television, Video and Newsletters etc.

Mower Refreshed communication should strive to promote making healthy choices a priority, easier and more accessible for citizens across Mower County.


1.  To communicate the opportunities for citizens in Mower County to make healthy choices where they live, work, learn and play.

2. Engage citizens/organizations in participating in and promoting healthy living.

3. Provide a common point for citizens/organizations to promote their activities, efforts, programs that are related to one of the four goal groups and/or the overall principle of making healthy living easier and more accessible for citizens.


1. Efforts/activities/programs/ideas promoting must not require a membership to participate.

2. Efforts/activities/programs/ideas should strive to be inclusive to all communities in Mower County.

3. Avoid any political references, promotion or endorsements.

4. Avoid content that promotes any one social cause that does not directly relate to one of the four goal group outcomes.

5. Communicate to Coordinator regarding any concerns or questions about appropriateness  of content to be communicated.

Healthier Choices 

To develop sustainable strategies that encourages the population of Mower County to make healthier choices.


1.  Increase access to healthier food choices.

2.  Increase active living opportunities and active lifestyles.

3.  Promote and support healthy environmental issues.

Mental Fitness

To encourage and equip citizens in building resilience to stress and anxiety.


1.  Increase the practice of intentional choices to reduce stress and anxiety in Mower County.

2.  Build networks throughout the county to equip citizens in coping with stress and anxiety.

Workforce Wellness

To create a healthier and more productive workforce.


1.  To increase productivity

2.  To reduce absenteeism

3.  Better manage health care costs


Mower Refreshed reserves the right to edit or determine if the communication will be used. If edits are made, author will be informed and review before published.






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