What criteria makes a Refreshed Dining Location?

Refreshed_Dining_CriteriaA team of community members, together with restaurant owners’ feedback, created criteria to be met in order to be named a Refreshed Dining Location.

Sustainability and sensibility were essential and the group determined that meeting five of the eight criteria would get a restaurant started.

They are:

1. Provide fresh fruits and vegetables (local when possible).

2. Offer a variety of healthy options (less fat, sodium, sugar) at equal prices to less healthy options identified on menu.

3. Options for reduced portion sizes advertised for customers to order.

4. Provide discounts on fruit or vegetable offerings to promote Wellness Wednesdays (ex. $1 side salads/fruit cups or 5-10% off identified healthy choices on Wednesdays).

5. Have areas without TV/screens or other entertainment distraction. A bonus would be cards, games, etc. that promote interaction.

6. Provide eco-friendly, safe and healthy to-go containers (paper products vs. Styrofoam, etc.)

7. Offer allergy friendly and gluten-aware options (clearly identified).

8. Lean and/or vegetarian options, ability to easily adapt menu items to make them vegetarian.

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