Wellness Wednesday Collaboration

Wellness Wednesdays logoWHAT: Mower Refreshed has launched Wellness Wednesdays in our county. It’s an idea that is grassroots and is growing slow and steady! We are looking for organizations/business that want to partner to promote Wellness Wednesdays.

Each Wednesday we are challenging folks to consider how to make the healthy choice easier for themselves and those around them…just for one day. It’s a small step that just might start healthy habits that are sustainable at school, work, home, faith communities and individual lives.

HOW: Through a Wellness Wednesday e-Blast (newsletter and a variety of social media outlets) we are offering an opportunity to respond to a question that relates to wellness every Wednesday. This challenge gives citizens an opportunity for direct feedback on questions developed by the focus groups of Mower Refreshed. The feedback will continue to guide our efforts as a county-wide wellness movement.

Be Well ComputerWHY: As a collaborator of our Wellness Wednesday movement, we will refer our contacts to your organization’s information. Your involvement will promote your organization as one that supports the wellness efforts in the county.

ACTION: Consider what service or offer you could provide on Wednesdays that promote wellness. The value of the service or offer is completely up to you. Nothing is too small!

Examples: 5.00 off a healthy product, a drawing for a gift card for a specific item or service, discounted or free ticket(s) to a local event.

You can also promote Wellness Wednesday with postcards we provide and share or link to our Wellness Wednesday posts.

You joining the team is extremely valuable to creating a new culture on Wednesdays in Mower County!


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