The Refreshed Dining Project is Good Business

Mower Refreshed is in the process of bringing together mower refreshed dining logoarea health professionals, consumers and business owners to explore ideas and share best practices when it comes to dining out in Mower County.

The Refreshed Dining Project is creating criteria that makes sense and is sensitive to the physical health of consumers, the environmental health of our communities and the fiscal health of our businesses.  An important focus of this project is be to solution-based, setting up a win-win relationship between the three (consumer/environment/owner).  This approach increases the likelihood of sustainable, long term positive impact for our county.

At the Mower County Fair, volunteers in the Mower Refreshed Destination Tent had over 100 citizens fill out a simple 5 question survey.  This Refreshed Dining consumer survey will soon be available for citizens to fill out on-line at till September 17th.  Restaurant owners will berefreshed dining group is good businesss given a survey that is a bit more detailed to share successes and challenges they face in offering healthy menu options that create profits for their livelihood.

Health professionals, citizens and business owners who are interested in developing simple criteria for a restaurant/café, will be the sources of determining what it means to become a Refreshed Dining location in Mower County.  The criteria will be reasonable, based on common sense, the surveys and practical research.

Why might a restaurant be interested in participating in the formation of the criteria?  Input and insight from the owners will give this citizen-inspired effort an important viewpoint of the day to day reality of running a restaurant.  Participation will also give business owners an opportunity to tap into what consumers are stating they desire and potentially expanding their consumer base.

Currently five restaurant owners from around the county have stated an interest to join the conversation.  If you are interested in being a part of this team that explores how to create healthy dining options, healthy environments and healthy profit, contact us at or call 507.434.1039.





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