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Creating an Inclusive Wellness Community : Guest Author Sara Bakken Lee

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Sara LeeEarlier this month, as part of a graduate program at the University of Minnesota Public Health Institute, I took a class, “Communicating about Health Disparities: Are you sending the right message?” Discussion focused on systems, structures, environments, policy, resource allocation, data collection, research (stay with me here, it gets more interesting, I promise!) as they relate to the relationship between health, race, cultural differences and place/where one lives. It was a thought-provoking class, with the instructor providing several examples of case studies, ads, public health campaigns and then questioning us on the purpose of each and how they were likely received by the intended audience.


The Refreshed Dining Project is Good Business

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Mower Refreshed is in the process of bringing together mower refreshed dining logoarea health professionals, consumers and business owners to explore ideas and share best practices when it comes to dining out in Mower County.

The Refreshed Dining Project is creating criteria that makes sense and is sensitive to the physical health of consumers, the environmental health of our communities and the fiscal health of our businesses.  An important focus of this project is be to solution-based, setting up a win-win relationship between the three (consumer/environment/owner).  This approach increases the likelihood of sustainable, long term positive impact for our county.