SNAPSHOTS of Mower Refreshed: From an Interns Lens

Hello, My Name is Debara Smith and I am the Mower Refreshed Spring Intern.

I am over joyed to be able to work with such a ground-breaking program that is doing such great things for the Community and also along the way encouraging Healthier Choices. I have been the Mower Refreshed Healthier Choices Team Facilitator for about 3 years now.

I first got involved through a Community Conversation event; which by the way just so happened by a fluke. I was handed an e-mail and asked if I wanted to check into this thing called Mower Refreshed. Long story short I did and well… as they say… the rest is History.

I really wanted to be part of the group and all the areas they were working on to make Mower County an overall Healthier place to live and work. I had recently made some personal health life style changes myself. I had lost over 30 lbs. in about a year’s time with a diet change. I had diabetes, my cholesterol was on the rise and was experiencing a variety of other health related difficulties. I knew it was time for a change. It has not and continues to not be any easy task; but I believe in it and want to help others.

I chose Mower Refreshed to do my Internship because I trust what they do, I respect the process and love the positive environment created by the many community members who come together to make changes.

Follow me on my learning experience and hopefully I might inspire others to get “Mower” Healthy.
Stay tuned for more of my “STORIES”…

Debara Smith
Mower Refreshed Intern