Refreshed Lunch and Learn

Lunch and LearnRefreshed Lunch and Learns are about developing networks and strategies that make sense to not only promote wellness programming but to shift worksite environments to foster a wellness culture that naturally engages employers and employees in well-living.

It’s this shift in thought and policies that make health and wellness a part of every conversation and decision. It changes the question from “What can we do to motivate people to ______” to “How can we create conditions and environments in the workplace where people will be self-motivated to ______.”

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Wednesday, September 20th
12pm-1pm | Austin Artworks Center
What Students Are Telling Us, Bill Spitzer, APAC



Wednesday, October 18th
12pm-1pm | TBA
Addiction, Tyler Oesterle, MD, MPH – Fountain Centers MCHS

Wednesday, November 15th
12pm-1pm | TBA
To be announced!

Presentations and Slides from Previous Lunch and Learns



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Personalities & Work: Bridging through Conflict | Julie Brunner, MS