Positive Community Norms

An outdoor yoga class, people biking, families walking together, folks carrying water bottles with them, fresh fruit or veggies at a work meeting, intentional kindness to people who pass us in the grocery store or a parking lot…these are examples of creating positive community norms. They give us a picture, examples of what is valued and how people behave in a community (town/workplace/family) …what the norm is…how we do life and work…how we do relationships. It has the power to influence how healthy a community is.

(Photo courtesy of Cedar River Watershed District)

The summer months in our area of the country offer a unique opportunity for increased visual examples of active living. The bike/walk trails busy with runners, walkers, and bikers. Neighbors gardening. Kids running through sprinklers or jumping into a pool. Soccer, baseball, tennis, and so many other outdoor activities to view. The more we see, the more we absorb it as a norm. This is why creating spaces and environments with positive intention is so significant where we work, live, and learn. What we focus on, continually observe, creates our belief about the community and neighborhood we live in, the place we work, and the people we do life with.

This summer take time to consider how you might increase positive community norms in your daily living. It could be as simple as stopping your car at a crosswalk so walkers can cross safely. Others driving observe it and potentially reminds them to do the same.

As individuals we get to set an example for others, encourage not only in words but in actions to grow more of what is good, kind and fosters wellbeing as our community norm!

Want to build healthy norms with us? Reach out to us at 507.434.1039 or connect@mowerrefreshed.org and explore how you or your organization can join the wellness movement to grow healthy and resilient communities in Mower County!

Growing Mower Good with You,
Sandy Anderson, MS | Mower Refreshed | Community Engagement Coordinator
Mayo Clinic Health System Albert Lea – Austin


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