Leadership and Wellness

Leadership and Wellness
By: Mary P. Holtorf

What we focus on, we become. We have all heard this quote plenty of times in our lives but it is a reality. If we focus on wellness in our business, it will become a place of wellness to work. As people are trying to attract more employees and not lose the ones they have, workforce wellbeing has become more of a priority. But where do businesses start? Here are three suggestions to get your business started on the wellness track.

1. Start with You
As a leader in your organization, people are watching you to see what you do for wellness in your life. You influence them either positively or negatively. Ask yourself some questions, how do you nurture your mind, body and spirit? Do I ever share that with my employees? Do I bring my healthy habits into the workplace? Do I encourage my employees to be well?

2. Make Wellness a Priority
Start with small changes in your workplace. Some suggestion are to repaint the break room with inviting colors, put some healthy snacks in there, and put motivational magazines or the Mower Refreshed newsletter on display. Encourage your employees to keep growing and learning by challenging them to go our Lunch and Learns or read a book together.

3. Listen to your employees
Take a survey to see what might be important to them and update the progress on completing these tasks. Many companies survey their employees and never implement their requests. This sends a clear message that you do not care about their wellness. Start small, share your progress and keep working on it.

It will save your company time and money if you keep the employees you have right now. If employees know you care about them, they will care about your business. As John C. Maxwell says, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” Your role is vital when it comes to taking care of your employee’s wellness. Focus on the wellness of your employees and your company will become a place of wellbeing for all!


Mary P. Holtorf
Mower Refreshed Workforce Wellness Team Facilitator
Email: mary@ldr-ship.comif you would like to join the Workforce Wellness Team