Feedback that Fuels Action

The 3rd Annual Wellness Summit provided an environment that fostered energy and encouragement as the past year was reviewed, current efforts were featured and feedback was shared to direct the steps of this unique citizen-driven movement that seeks to make healthier choices easier for us all.

Over eighty citizens gathered Friday, October 5th at the Hormel Historical Home, representing county-wide businesses, schools, service organization, faith communities and citizens, all committed to exploring sensible ways to improve the health of Mower County.

Wellness Summit Wellness Summit







Those in attendance had the opportunity to learn more about each goal group and work that is being done through collaboration and creative solution.  As valuable as it was to share the past years growth and development, the real treasure is in the feedback that citizens shared that will fuel Mower Refreshed in 2013.  The feedback gives new energy and hope as we forge ahead in supporting and promoting the efforts of our partners and programs that offer well living options in Mower County.

If you were not able to attend the event here are a couple ways you can be engaged and impact the efforts:

  1.  Respond to specific feedback questions from the four goal groups at  Your feedback will be directly given to the goal group members and assist them in direction and focus.  Just click on “Contact Us”.

Healthier Choices:  What ways might people promote and participate in Wellness Wednesdays?

Mental Fitness:  What are ways to generate mental fitness?

Workforce Wellness:  What might a workplace do to prevent and reduce obesity?

Community Connections:  What organizations or person(s) might be possible connecting points to grow collaborations in making healthier choices easier in Mower County?

  1. Participate in a goal group of interest or provide opportunity for an employee to be a part of a goal group.  The groups meet one time each month for one hour.  As well as goal group members, we are looking at this time for co-leaders to facilitate Refreshed Dining and Refreshed Monthly Wellness Tips.  These initiatives have teams of people ready to move forward, resources developing, collaborations created, they now need leadership to facilitate them effectively.  Could your business or a specific employee be the one to fuel these efforts forward?

Consider how you and your organization might share talents and energy with Mower Refreshed and its partners as they make healthy choices a priority in Mower County.

Connect with us for more information and opportunities at or 507.434.1039.

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