Effective Expectations In 2013

A new calendar year offers opportunity to evaluate progress and consider expectations for the coming months.

Whether it’s your business, service group or personal life, developing clear expectations increases the probability of success. Expectations that are communicated with the intent to equip and educate rather than intimidate or create fear will increase even more the likelihood of success for your business, service group or your personal goals.

With health we often set expectations for ourselves and neglect to equip and educate.  We focus on the negative that might happened (intimidation/fear) if we don’t change a behavior rather than the positive outcomes of the changed behavior (empowerment/opportunities). These shortcuts tend to lead us to frustrating and nonproductive outcomes both with work and personal goals.

As you look to 2013 consider:

  1. Have you set realistic expectations for your business?
  2. Have you communicated clearly those expectations to your employees?
  3. Have you empowered them to meet those expectations by equipping and educating appropriately?

Productivity in the workplace and with our personal health inter-relate, we can’t expect to separate the two.  When our minds, bodies and relationships are working at their best we in turn are more productive while at work (and more content at home).  We think, act and respond smarter and typically more kindly, creating a climate that is positive.

Research at the University of Michigan rated sixty-six company’s performances based on the company “climate”.  Participants were interviewed regarding atmosphere at the business: specifically positive vs. negative communication.  The top performing companies had something in common:  a climate of positivity.

How these companies communicated expectations, the attention to educating and equipping employees to be successful, was rooted in positive communication which in turn increased productivity and job satisfaction.

Intentionally creating an environment that equips employees to make healthy choices easier naturally develops a more positive climate for your employees and the consumers you serve.

Mower Refreshed will celebrate its first Austin Area Refreshed Business of Year at the Chamber’s Annual meeting in February.  We encourage you to take a few minutes to nominate your business or a business that is taking simple steps to promote a climate of wellness in the workplace.  Inspire and ignite other businesses to develop healthy expectations: making work and wellness a natural partnership in Mower County!

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