Eat Fresh, Eat Local

Each year we get excited to feature local food vendors in and around Mower County, it’s a sign that spring is arriving and fresh food options will abound in the coming months! The commitment it takes to grow fresh produce is motivated out of a love for the land, desire to improve the health of the people they serve, and offering an opportunity for consumers to know where and how the food they are eating is grown. This list of available produce varies from vendor to vendor so check them all out!


Austin Farmers’ Market | 501 Oakland Avenue East
May thru October
Opening Day is Monday, May 1st
Mondays 4pm-7pm | Thursdays 4pm-7pm | Saturdays 9am-12pm
SNAP/EBT and Credit/Debit Cards Welcome!

Dobbins Creek Farm | 507-567-2009
58364 240th Street, Brownsdale, MN
Dobbins Creek Farm has an apple orchard, Dexter Cattle, Border Collie dogs, poultry, and huge amount of produce!

Earth Dance Farm (CSA) | 507-378-4252
27842 141st Ave, Spring Valley, MN
Earth Dance Farm delivers fresh, local, chemical free food to your neighborhood. We offer an 18 week summer share as well as a spring share, fall share, and an egg share. If you are looking for 60+ vegetables and herbs plus: *Fruits *Berries *Honey *Eggs *Many neighborhood family drop sites *Individual drop options, then you have come to the right place!

Oak Knoll Farm (CSA) | 507-402-7637
Delivering sustainably grown veggies, raspberries, currants, elderberries, pastured poultry, & tomatoes to Southern MN. CSA memberships are June-Oct!

Farmer John’s | 507-437-2642
90537 273rd Street, Austin, MN
Call for availability: 507-438-3956 or 507-438-4213
September 17th thru October 31st
Daily 12pm to 6pm
Come for the pumpkins, Stay for the fun!

Farmer’s Market Place, LLC | 507-438-3956
1301 18th Ave NW, Austin, MN
May thru October
Opening day is May 15th
Mondays 4pm-6pm | Thursdays 4pm-6pm | Saturdays 9am-12pm
SNAP/EBT and Credit/Debit Cards Welcome!

Garden Spot Market
Brownsdale, MN
Center of town
May thru October
Opening day is Tuesday, May 2nd
Tuesdays 4pm-6:30pm | Fridays 4pm-6:30pm

Hilltop Greenhouse & Farm (CSA) |507-889-3271
Memberships due by April 1, 2017
Drop location at Sterling in Austin
83204 300 St., Ellendale, Minn.
April Hours for the 20th thru 30th
M-F 9am-5pm | Sat. 9am-4pm
Opening in mid-April, we will be there to help you create a beautiful, healthy 2017.

LeRoy Farmers’ Market
Downtown LeRoy, MN
May thru October
Opening day is May 18th
Thursdays 4pm-7pm
Special Day: Sat. June 10th 9am-12pm | Special Day: Sat. July 15th 9am-12pm

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