Celebrating Wellness in the Workplace

Refreshed Business of the YearMower County has a tremendous variety of commerce that offers not only employment opportunities but also an opportunity to impact the health of our county’s workforce and their families.

Mower Refreshed is proud to reveal a platform to celebrate and promote businesses that are taking simple steps to encourage a healthier workforce.  At the Austin Area Chamber of Commerce Annual meeting in 2013, Mower Refreshed will present the first “Refreshed Business of the Year” (RBY) award.

This award is inspired by the many “best practices” on wellness at work that we have been discovering in our county and specifically from businesses who are chamber members.  Mower Refreshed goal group Workforce Wellness focuses on discovering ways to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and better manage healthcare costs.  This group is the sponsor of the RBY.  They want to feature businesses that are finding innovative ways to make healthier choices easier and more accessible to their employees.

Mower Refreshed is no stranger to innovative thinking and solution focused strategies, these traits are essential for fueling collaborations that are effective and sustainable.  These are two important qualities the group will be looking for in the 2013 Refreshed Business of the Year.

Creating an environment that fosters a healthy workforce does not necessary involve spending a great deal of money.  This is where innovative thinking is necessary.  We are learning that businesses that seek input for creative solutions from employees are often the businesses that have employees that are significantly more engaged in the healthy options provided.

Every business setting is unique.   Businesses will have their own set of assets and roadblocks.  Honest and constructive communication between employers and employees can surface unknown assets that may present the innovative, low cost idea that creates a workplace where wellness is second nature. Beware of comparing your business to others; look for your unique assets that will be sensible for you and your employees.

Enclosed in the newsletter you will find the 2012 Refreshed Business of the Year nomination application. Criteria and information on submission are included. We are excited to support efforts that many of you are already doing and the innovative ideas that can inspire other businesses to foster an environment that promotes wellness while we are at work!

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