Mower Refreshed is inviting you to Breathe Refreshed!

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Breathe_Refreshed_CampaignMower Refreshed is committed to promoting and supporting tobacco-free living in Mower County. Why Breathe Refreshed? The health benefits are plentiful! There is no shortage of “No smoking” and stop smoking signs and promotions. This campaign is focused on the gains of creating a new life habit vs what those who currently smoke would lose if they quit.

We will be campaigning for our community to Breathe Refreshed this March.

The Breathe Refreshed campaign will take place Sunday, March 6th thru Saturday, March 19th. During that time period we will be showcasing local stories and local reasons to breathe refreshed, research results, and resources for community members who wish to take the first steps to living smoke free.