Classroom Collaborations with Business

Yellow buses dotting the highways and community streets mark another opportunity for a powerful collaboration:  business and education.

The level of engagement between these two sectors has primarily centered on job shadowing or internships and businesses supporting their local schools and extracurricular activities.  Mower Refreshed is exploring how growing the collaborations between students and businesses could positively impact health in the classroom, current worksites and the next generation workforce.

As we take time and create space for connections to occur, Mower Refreshed is observing the development of a new school bus photosort of collaboration that can occur in the workplace and the classroom.

Communicating through social media and identifying universal wellness concepts that provide a common language that can be used in the classroom, boardroom or school bus is providing bridges to potentially develop a healthier workforce in years to come.

We have been seeking connections with students of all ages to better understand the challenges they face in areas of wellness but have found more value in conversation that is focused on what healthy solutions they are already practicing and envision for their generation.

The cost of health care impacts an employer’s profit and the employee’s payroll.   Our future workforce is now sitting in our schools across Mower County; it makes sense to think outside the box on how we might grow collaborations that impact wellness.

Engaging the upcoming workforce to not view healthy choices as an education standard to be achieved through a health curriculum but as an opportunity to impact what their future looks like physically, mentally and emotionally, we may be surprised at the cost effective solutions that might surface.

Mower Refreshed and many of its partners have had opportunity to see what teens can do if given the challenge, resources and support.   We might just be underestimating  the creative solutions that may surface as a student is riding the bus home  that creates an environment in their school, making healthy choices easier and more accessible for every student and our future workforce.


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